Tupelo Tea in downtown Blue Ridge, Georgia is a loose tea & honey company formed and run by Tom & Donna Harper. Due to their passion for fresh and healthy foods, Tupelo Tea Inc. was formed with a mission to bring premium tea blends and quality honey to tea lovers who are always exploring new flavors. Our tea blends offer unique and captivating taste experiences to tea enthusiasts, leaving them in awe. The tea blends offered at Tupelo Tea are made with love, care, and attention to quality by collecting the most authentic tea ingredients from around the world. Their sustainably sourced tea blends not only possess great health benefits, but are also very soothing and delicious.

Tom & Donna are tea enthusiasts themselves and their love for fresh foods is what makes them great tea brewers. Tupelo Tea offers an impressive honey and tea tasting bar for those looking to explore new tea blends and local & artesian honeys.

Brewed tea is perfect for tea lovers wanting to try new flavors of fresh tea leaves. At Tupelo Tea, you can enjoy great tea flavors by preparing a customized cup, choosing your desired tea leaves from the tea bar. The tea and honey bar offered by Tupelo Tea allows tea drinkers to make their own unique flavors by choosing from over 100 different tea leaves from 9 different categories. Tupelo Tea also offers tea accessories and brewing equipment for those who want to prepare their personalized teas at home.

There is also a range of local and tri-state honey blends sample & taste. The mono-flower honey and artisan honey options pair up well with many of our different teas and tea blends.

Tupelo Tea, the store our first location is right next to the Blue Ridge Olive Oil Company in Blue Ridge, Georgia, a reputable olive oil & balsamic retail company, also owned by Tom & Donna Harper.